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Our activity is specialized in comprehensive advice, which covers the most relevant areas for the appropriate development of a startup, both for the implementation of the same, as to address and solve the strategic challenges of growth, expansion and globalization.

Professional Career Plan and Entrepreneurship Plan

Operations of MBI (Management buy-In) and MBO (Management buy-Out): Purchase and Acquisition of companies


Prepare and implement my Strategic Plan, Roadmap and Business Plan

Determine, quantify and accrue financing needs for growth 

Capital Searches and National and International Financing Rounds. Structured Financing


Capital Searches and National and International Financing Rounds. Structured Financing


Search for Public Financing: grants, credits and deductions R + D + I


Expansión, Incremento de Ventas e Internacionalización

Marketing Integral y on line

Optimización y Mejora de Costes

Atraer, desarrollar y fidelizar el talento, liderazgo y equipo humano con las competencias necesarias

Soporte a la Innovación y las actividades de I+D+i

Start ups Headhunting

We specialize in executive profiles and specialized profiles (both in Marketing and Commercial and in Technology) for start ups that give them the value of the experience of success.

Usually, after rounds of seed capital (from friends and family and business angels) comes the time for larger rounds with more professional investors. In those moments we can provide a Management Assessment that shows the Talent and Competence Map of the team that is leading the project, to confront it with the current need and future forecast.

In many cases, competence and professional development can be worked on both individual and team-level plans. There are also cases in which, due to the current strategic need, or due to the needs and evolution of the market, we must attract talent to the organization that provides high value and an essential competitive advantage at that time. Another of the determining factors is usually the change in volume or scale, which requires skills and experiences different from those of the beginning of the project, and which in fact complement perfectly with these.


Both from the decisional point of view of the driving team or entrepreneur, as well as from the point of view of the Board of Directors and Investors, we have an agile methodology for the quick and effective search of executive positions and keys for start ups.

talent adquisition

In the same way we are able to locate specialized talent in any place of the world that contributes the knowledge and experience of technologies or of markets and clients or of marketing on-line, usability, conversion, e-commerce, omnichannel.


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